One day, alone


Looking at the sky

    Finding nothing

    I feel happy

    I am joy


Translated from the Japanese poetry book
Otohime kara Urashima taro ni Tsugu by Naomi Otsubo.




            空を  見上げる



            私は 歓び

       詩集「乙姫から浦島太郎に告ぐ」by 大坪奈保美



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Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park is on Tokyo Bay. It is an artificial island built to preserve the natural habitat of Tokyo bay destroyed by development. The bridge in in the background is the main highway that connects Tokyo with Chiba, Tokyo Disneyland, and Narita International Airport. The loudspeakers on the post warn people of approaching tsunamis. This image is from our book Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Emptiness: Tokyo Landscape. Click on the image for a larger view.

Dusk at Schoodic Point

life_in_maine_dusk_at_schoodic_pointJust off Schoodic Point in Acadia National Park is Little Moose Island. The island is separated from the mainland by East Pond. At low tide, the water levels drop to connect the two. Snails cover the rocks breaking the surface of East Pond. Click on the image for a larger view.