A New Pursuit

Naomi and I have taken up a new hobby—target archery. We were looking for some exercise during the pandemic where we could get out of the house. We shoot at a public range in Needwood Park, which is in Rock Creek Park in Maryland. We particularly enjoy shooting in the early mornings when the sun rises.

What we also found is that archery is very meditative. It is an interesting combination of a physical and mental sport. The archer needs both the correct posture and process, known as form, and focus, both to concentrate on the process and to eliminate distractions. Shooting surrounded by woods is an added blessing. Click on the image of our spotting scope and a 40 cm target at a distance of 20 yards (18 m) for a larger view.

Gains and Losses

Cicada exoskeletons mixed with undeveloped cicada nymphs under a tree. Not all cicada nymphs reach their adult stage. The adult cicada near the top of the image on the tree was not able to develop its wings properly. Click in the image for a larger view.


Adult cicada holding onto its exoskeleton while its wings develop. This is a critical stage in its development as the wings are easily deformed if they contact another object. The color of the adult will darken to black after this. Click on the image for a larger view.

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