The Speeding Earth

The author Chet Raymo in his book The Soul of the Night describes the motion of a child as she is knocked into the air by a collision with a skateboarder:

During the time the child was in the air, the spinning Earth carried her half a mile to the east. The motion of the Earth around the sun carried her back again forty miles westward. The drift of the solar system among the stars of the Milky Way bore her silently twenty miles toward the star Vega. The turning pinwheel of the Milky Way Galaxy carried her 300 miles in a great circle about the galactic center. After that huge flight through space she hit the ground and bounced like a rubber ball.

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When taking Hikari out at night, we mostly hear the wind in the trees. Most animals keep a distance from the house because of our dog. So it is always a surprise to hear the sound of a large mammal being startled, as happened the other night. The next day, not only we found evidence of the animal, but also of its other two companions. We often see small herds of deer this time of year, but they usually avoid the area around our house. Click on the image for a larger view.

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April Fools Day, 2017

When we woke on April 1st, we knew the joke was going to be on us. We received another 5″ of snow. However, Sunday would make up for this set back, it was sunny and 50°F. Click on the image for a larger view out of our bedroom window.

The Long Winter

Winters in Maine are long. This winter has been surprisingly mild, even to the point of giving us 50°F days. But one swallow does not make a summer. Friday night on a regular shopping trip to Portland, we were hit by a surprise snow storm. On Saturday, the day time temperature fell to 9ºF, with strong winds that made those temperature even more dangerous. As you have seen, we were hit by a blizzard this Tuesday. Click on the image for a larger view.