Islands of Light, Islands of Life

In visible light, seaweed is dark, like the rock it inhabits. But in the near infrared, seaweed appears white. Water absorbs that same infrared, making the rocks and islands above its surface glow. Click on the image for a larger view.

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Spring at Marshall Point

life_in_maine_marshall_point_1Spring has arrived. On Sunday, Naomi and I went out to Marshall Point at Port Clyde, Maine. The sky was cloudless and the world was filled with light–and heat; it was 52°F/11°C. While we still have snow on the ground at home, it has disappeared along the coast.

Marshall Point is the terminal of a peninsular that juts out into the Gulf of Maine on the western edge on Penobscot Bay. A string of islands continues beyond—Hupper Island and Thompson Island are on the horizon. The point is known for its lighthouse. Click on the image for a larger view.