Indoor Nationals 2023

Naomi and I competed in the 54th USA Archery Indoor Nationals. Nearly five hundred archers competed at our location in Virginia and many more in other states around the country.

This is an image of my bail on the second day of the tournament. I was shooting with under 15 compound archers. This is during scoring—after every three arrows, we approach the target to score the results. Over two days, we shot 120 arrows.

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Lancaster Classic 2023, Part 6

Naomi and I had front row seats for the Lancaster Classic barebow finals. The Lancaster Classic barebow final videos on YouTube are extremely popular with the barebow community. The live experience is very different—the energy in the room from the crowd is infectious. Archers have commented on how stressful shooting is on the elevated platforms with hot lights, moving cameras, changing video monitors, and energetic crowds. This image is from the start of the women’s barebow finals with Fawn Girard and Kristine Pruccoli. The 18 meters or 60 feet to the 40 cm targets seem much further under these lights.

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Lancaster Classic 2023, Part 5

Between the elimination rounds on Saturday morning and the finals that night, archers have a long wait. The barebow archers John Demmer III of the US, Micheal Fisher of Australia, and Kristina Pruccoli of the US and San Marino practice for the upcoming matches. Lancaster follows the World Archery rules for indoor. Archers shoot a 40 cm diameter target at 18 meters. The gold, the 9 and 10 rings, is 8 cm in diameter. In barebow archery, there are no sights; archers use the tip of the arrow to aim and position on the sting they grip to change distance. Click on the image for a larger view.