Lancaster Classic 2023, Part 6

Naomi and I had front row seats for the Lancaster Classic barebow finals. The Lancaster Classic barebow final videos on YouTube are extremely popular with the barebow community. The live experience is very different—the energy in the room from the crowd is infectious. Archers have commented on how stressful shooting is on the elevated platforms with hot lights, moving cameras, changing video monitors, and energetic crowds. This image is from the start of the women’s barebow finals with Fawn Girard and Kristine Pruccoli. The 18 meters or 60 feet to the 40 cm targets seem much further under these lights.

The commentators Matt Zirnsak and Greg White are on the large monitor above the targets. Matt is not only a commentator, but he is a barebow archer and supporter of our community. Click on the image for a larger view.

Lancaster shares the barebow finals on YouTube. Here is the women’s finals:

And the men’s: