Purslane—Edible Weeds

edible_weeds_purslanePurslane, Portulaca oleracea, is known as pursley in Maine. The stems and leaves are edible. The seeds can also be used for flour. Purslane can be cooked like spinach. Like spinach, it is rich in iron. We like to use it fresh in salads and smoothies. Unlike many wild plants, Purslane is not bitter and the leaves have a wonderful texture.

WARNING: Purslane can be confused with the poisonous hairy-stemmed spurge. As the name suggests, this plant has a hairy stem. A milky saps is discharged when a stem cutting is squeezed. It is important to refer to guidebooks or local foraging experts to identify plants. Please look at our posts as starting points, not as definitive references on plants.