Craters of the Moon

apollo_16_crater_2Apollo 16 landed on the highlands of the moon. This is an image of one of the Cinco Craters on the slope of Stone Mountain, which was 2.4 miles or 3.8 km from the lunar lander and about 500 ft or 150 m above the landing site. Some of the oldest rock samples from the moon were taken from this region. The lunar landing crew were John Young and Charles Duke, with Thomas Mattingly remaining in orbit. Click on the image for a larger view.

apollo_16_craterToday, it is common for photographers to take multiple frames and combine them into a larger image. Taking a series of pictures lets a photographer exceed limits to the camera lens’ angle of view. If you look through the NASA’s Project Apollo Archive online, you can see this was also a practice for the astronauts. Equipment failures and errors with the cameras did happen. With the photographs digitized, it is easy to revisit this work to combine and process them. Click on the image of station five, a 66 ft. or 20 m diameter crater, for a larger view.