Our Newfoundland Hikari

life_in_maine_hikari_nappingHikari is our Newfoundland dog. She is only a 100lb/45kg—small for a Newfie. Her name Hikari (光) is the Japanese word for sunshine or light.

We are strict with our animals. Absolutely no dogs on the furniture. Except for the couch. And the bed. She has discovered that if she looks us in the eye and tilts her head to one side, she is more likely to get a treat. Newfoundlands are easily trained, almost as easy as their owners.

Newfies make great companions. Hikari is our second dog. Kai was our first. We rescued both of them. Newfies are not without their downside—drool on the kitchen ceiling is hard to clean and, if we could learn to spin their fur, we could have a second income. Click on the image for a larger view.