Aerial Stereo Photography

Photo: Sony RX-1

I started experimenting with aerial stereo photography on long flights. I have always preferred a window seat and enjoyed the view more than the in-flight entertainment.

The process is very simple: take a two successive images as the plane moves. I have found a second or two between exposures is sufficient to create the parallax needed for a 3-D image: the closer features are to the aircraft, shorter the time between exposures is required. I attempt to maintain the composition of the main elements between exposures. The challenge in holding that composition comes from turbulence or aircraft motion.

To make the stereo pair, I simply combine the images in Photoshop. Which image is left or right depends on how you view the stereo pair and the direction of travel of the aircraft. I prefer fusing the images by crossing my eyes, but others prefer looking through the images. If you have the images in the wrong order, it will be apparent when viewed.

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