Mt. Washington

white_mountains_alpine_gardenMt Washington, located in the White Mountain National Forest, is the highest peak in New England at 6,288 ft. or 1,917m. While not particularly tall, the climate can be harsh. The fastest recorded wind gusts on the surface of the Earth were measured here on April 12th 1934: 231 mph or 372 km/h. Winters temperatures are extreme, reaching to below –40º. Even in the summer, the summit temperatures are rarely above the mid 50sºF, about 12ºC. And when you visit, there is a good chance of rain or snow.

The mountain was originally known to the Abenaki as Agiocochook, “Home of the Great Spirit.” The spirit of the revered Abenaki chief Passaconaway was said to have ascended into heaven from this peak.

This view is from just below the summit near Nelson Crag. Alpine Garden and the head of Tuckerman Ravine are just below. Click on the image for a larger view.

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