Chuo Bohatei—Reclaiming Land

tokyo_chuo_bohateiChou Bohatei or Central Breakwater Island is the largest landfill in Tokyo bay. It is expected to cover 989 hectare or 2,444 acres when complete. About half a million tons of rubble from the Tohoku Tsunami disaster was deposited at this site.

A number of events at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are expected to take place here—cycling will be on the outer landfill, the island in the foreground, rowing and kayaking in the channel, and equestrian events on the inner landfill on the other side of the channel. The hill on the inner landfill is part of the Sea Forest Park which will host the events.

At the horizon is the reclaimed land of Odaiba and the mainland of Tokyo. Since Tokyo has been extending into the bay, over 250km² or 100mi² of land has been created. Almost everything in the image is or is on reclaimed land. Click on the image for a larger view.