Island in the Sky

909 Walnut, also known as the Fidelity Building, is an iconic Kansas City landmark. This 1931 Art Deco/Greek Revival building has been a bank, Federal offices, including a Federal weather station, and, currently, a residential tower block. It is also a landmark on my commute. Click on the image for a larger view.

The Speeding Earth

The author Chet Raymo in his book The Soul of the Night describes the motion of a child as she is knocked into the air by a collision with a skateboarder:

During the time the child was in the air, the spinning Earth carried her half a mile to the east. The motion of the Earth around the sun carried her back again forty miles westward. The drift of the solar system among the stars of the Milky Way bore her silently twenty miles toward the star Vega. The turning pinwheel of the Milky Way Galaxy carried her 300 miles in a great circle about the galactic center. After that huge flight through space she hit the ground and bounced like a rubber ball.

Click on the image for a larger view.

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Summer Dreams

I have been thinking about warm summer nights in Maine. The rustle of the wind through the canopy makes the sky feel all that closer.  It is not the awesome spectacle, but the warm breeze that carries a secret.

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