Portfolio: William Ash

Trends in Emergency Department Visits

Multiple graphs and tables to illustrate emergency department visits involving drugs. This was produced for a study proposal for the DHHS Office of Inspector General on benzodiazepines. The data on the left shows all emergency department visits involving all drugs and drug combinations. The data on the right describes detailed trends involving only benzodiazepines, the target drug of the study. Each graph was produced in Adobe Illustrator and then combined with the heading and tables in Adobe InDesign.

Emergency Department Visits Involving Drugs

An Example of Redrafting a Data Visualization

This two-page pdf is excerpted from a training I designed for the Office of Inspector General Data Visualization Group. The first page is a visualization from a government report used for discussion and a redrafting exercise. The next page is my solution for the data presented. This solution was used discuss elements that can be included in a design as well as how color can be used to separate groups within the data. The pages were designed in Adobe InDesign, including the labeling, the bars and map were created in Adobe Illustrator.

Data Visualization Case Study Exercise and Solution

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Map

This map was produced for a term assignment during my graduate work in public policy. The map was produced in QGIS and then labeled in Adobe InDesign.

Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Map

Infection Model Flow Chart

The flow chart represents a computer model that simulates infection within a population. The pdf shows the change in design from the original draft created from a discussion with the PI Meredith Greer, associate professor in mathematics at Bates College, and the final diagram submitted for publication. The publication was limited to grayscale, so no color could be used. Produced in Adobe Illustrator.

Infection Model Example

Bound to Art

This pdf shows the exhibition catalog for the Bound to Art exhibition I produced for the Muskie Archives at Bates College. I produced the catalog from conception to the delivery of the prepress data. I also produced the photography. The catalog was a semifinalist in the 2011 Adobe Design Achievement Award, Innovation in Traditional Media in Education. The catalog was made with Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.

Bound to Art Catalog

The pages are presented in spreads. While the file is compressed, it may take a few seconds to load into your browser.

Top PhD Granting States by Race

These are thematic maps I created for research on PhD recipient diversity for Bates College. This was from the Considering Faculty Diversity report competed for the Office of the Dean of Faculty. The challenge of creating racial distribution of PhD recipients was incomplete data. These maps used the top 20 PhD granting institutions by race.

Top PhD Granting States by Race

Campus Climate Survey

An example of the type of documentation I worked on for Bates College. Both links take you to the pdfs on the Bates web site.

Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct: Report
Campus Climate Survey on Sexual Misconduct: Data Tables

I was involved in the design and editing for these documents. The text was written by my colleague Tom McGuinness, Director of Institutional Research. I had two days to create the design and produce the documents.